Our Vision

To provide practical and sustainable business transformation outcomes and growth to organizations, with strategy, governance, ethics and risk management at the core.


Good governance is the core of any sustainable business today. At Peverett-Maxwell we believe a holistic and authentic approach is key in ensuring environmental, social and economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The current general approach of companies merely managing their legal liabilities and risk is insufficient.

Our Mission

To enable organizations to transform and grow.


To translate business ethics, compliance, integrity and corporate governance into positive, practical and sustainable outcomes for people, organisations and nations.




Our Passion

Peverett-Maxwell operates internationally, but our passion is AFRICA.


Our passion is Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa. By influencing stakeholders to understand the holistic approach, Peverett-Maxwell aims to reduce the negative effects of weak governance and truly work in partnerships towards eradicating the issues. We work with the private sector and engage with key stakeholders, Including governments, NGOs, international organisations, academia, the media and local communities to inspire change.